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MSG-3: Operator/Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Development, VOLUME 1 - FIXED WING AIRCRAFT

Product Code 22123
Revision 2022.1
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The ATA MSG-3 publication outlines a decision-logic process for determining initial scheduled maintenance requirements for new fixed-wing aircraft and/or power plants.  This document presents a means for developing maintenance tasks and intervals acceptable to regulatory authorities, operators and manufacturers.

The changes and IMRBPB approved Issue Papers (IPs) introduced in 2022 are:

  • Added a method to integrate AHM capability within the MSG-3 process by introducing new language and new decision tree logic (Systems/Powerplant Analysis Level 3) (IP180)
  • Updated the definition of “Operating” to align it to ICAO definition of “Operation of an aircraft” (IP 186)
  • Clarified that “Operators” and not only “Airlines” are involved to develop scheduled maintenance (IP 188)
  • Clarified that tasks selected through EZAP to reduce the likelihood of accumulation of combustible materials is only for zone containing EWIS (IP 189)
  • Clarified that Failure Causes should describe specifically why and how a function fails (IP 190)
  • Provided guidance on need to consider in the SSI selection any structure that, if failed or detached in flight could, through secondary damage, compromise continued safe flight and landing (IP 192)
  • Provided guidance on the need to provide detailed information about how much deterioration of an   LHSI / L/HIRF protection component is acceptable and how it can be detected (IP 193)
  • Clarified that “Sampling” is not only applicable to “Systems/Powerplant” (IP 194)
  • Removed duplicated information from paragraph [2-3-7] (IP 195)
  • Adjusted the Zonal procedure scope to adequately address “Other Structure” (IP 196)
  • Clarified that the references to and use of Aircraft Health Monitoring (AHM) requires the certification of associated on-aircraft system features (IP 197)
  • Added the definition of the "Intent” of an MSI Classic Task (IP 200)
  • Provided guidance on the management of AFM Assumptions (IP 201)
  • Added supplementary factors to be considered in the definition of the CPCP task (IP 202)
  • Removed the references to the CCMR/CMCC process from paragraph [2-3-8] (IP 204)


Revision History
2022.1, 2018.1, 2015.1, 2013.1, 2011.1, 2009.1, 2007.1, 2005.1, 2003.1, 2002.1, 2001.1, 1993 (Revision 2), 1988 (Revision 1), 1980 (Original Issue)

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