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Spec 2500: Aircraft Transfer Records

Product Code 233ATR
Revision 2023.1
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This specification provides an industry standard for exchanging aircraft, engine and/or major assets’ historical records and current status, in standardized, electronic (XML) formats. It is intended to be used by operators who are buying/selling aircraft, lessors and lessees during a lease return, or aircraft/engine manufacturers at initial delivery. It includes the below primary status data, as well as a CRATE allowing metadata to be applied to historic records.

  • AD Status
  • Aircraft / Engine / Major Component Status
  • Aircraft / Engine / Major Event History
  • Installed Component Status (including LLPs, Time Controlled Parts, etc.)
  • Last Done Next Due Maintenance Status
  • Repair Damage Status
  • Service Bulletin / Modification / STC Status
The 2023.1 revision includes:
  • Multiple general edits to improve clarity and readability.
  • Multiple changes to support implementation activities.
  • Multiple element and attribute name changes to better align with other ATA specifications.
  • Clarification of how versioning is done and utilization of version attributes.
  • Clarification of the use of DateTime and Duration fields.
  • Addition of multiple fields further describing major assets (aircraft, engine/APU, landing hear). and/or their attributes such as where installed, serviceability if not installed, etc.
  • Addition of Event History allowing transfer of details of major events which occurred in an asset’s life/
  • Clarification & modification of other content section and corresponding expansion of elements describing a document or data set.
  • Addition of fields to support specific lessor transition lists.
  • Modification of Part Position details to align with Spec 2400 – Allowable Configuration
  • Addition of definitions from the Common Support Data Dictionary


Members of the ATA e-Business Program have access to this specification and all other ATA e-business specifications for free. To learn more about the cost and benefits of membership or to get involved in the standards development process, go to http://www.ataebiz.org.

Revision History
2023.1, 2017.2, 2017.1

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