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iSpec 2200: Information Standards for Aviation Maintenance

Product Code 23083
Revision 2023.1
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ATA iSpec 2200 is a global aviation industry standard for the content, structure, and electronic exchange of aircraft engineering and maintenance information. It consists of a suite of data specifications pertaining to maintenance requirements and procedures and aircraft configuration control. The objective of iSpec 2200 is to minimize cost and effort expended by operators and manufacturers, improve information quality and timeliness, and facilitate manufacturers' delivery of data that meets airline operational needs. Recognizing the synergies between ATA Spec 100 and Spec 2100, the industry developed this consolidated specification for guidance in preparing technical documentation in support of aircraft maintenance. It includes the industry-wide standard for numbering aircraft systems, as well as content and electronic formatting specifications for technical documents, regardless of delivery medium. Document-Type Definitions (DTDs) are included.

Highlights for this revision include:

  • Added a new Media Companion File DTD for non-graphic media files.
  • Revised the AIPC DTD to include non-graphic media files and support the anchoring of 3D illustrations and their associated companion files.
  • Corrected the TR element (Temporary Revision) in multiple DTDs.
  • Replaced gender-specific terms throughout the spec with gender-neutral terms.
  • Revised the AMM and SB DTDs to add optional gender-neutral attributes.
  • Additional editorial and other changes noted in the specification.

The purchase of this publication automatically includes an extract from the Common Support Data Dictionary (CSDD) for the entries that pertain to iSpec 2200.

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In 2000, ATA Spec 100 and ATA Spec 2100 were incorporated into ATA iSpec 2200: Information Standards for Aviation Maintenance. ATA Spec 100 and Spec 2100 will not be updated beyond the 1999 revision level.


Members of the ATA e-Business Program have access to this specification and all other ATA e-business specifications for free. To learn more about the cost and benefits of membership or to get involved in the standards development process, go to http://www.ataebiz.org.

Revision History
2023.1, 2021.1, 2018.1, 2017.1, 2016.1, 2014.1, 2012.2, 2012.1, 2011.1, 2010.1, 2009.1, 2008.1, 2007.1, 2006.1, 2005.1, 2004.1, 2003.1, 2002.1, 2001.1, 2000.1 (Original Issue).

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iSpec 2200 Extract can be purchased separately. This document provides the industry-wide standard for numbering aircraft systems, often referred to as system or chapter number.  

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